sexta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2009

Divulgando Vaga (I-005/2009, do not reply to ILSE)

Consultor TI, Quantidade de vagas: 1, Responsibilities: Analyzing flow requests and/or existing forms from business areas; Defining, designing and developing InfoPath forms and its related data; Implementing and testing InfoPath forms together with the customer; Maintaining good relationship with business areas and units; Providing programming and support on .NET language. Competence requirements: Have a relevant college/university education within the field of IT; Be customer-oriented and have a responsible approach to your work; Be a person that is used to follow established guidelines and working descriptions; Be able to communicate fluently in English, both spoken and written; Have good knowledge of .NET language and MS InfoPath tool; Have good knowledge of XML objects; Have good skills in form designing; Be a person with general skills and with the ability to work in a group. Interessados enviar CV para, com pretensão salarial.

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