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Eight Ways to Age-Proof Your Resume
By Kim Isaacs, Nationally Certified Resume Writer
You're back in the job market again, but this time you find yourself competing with job seekers much younger than yourself. Take heart, because you're not alone and your future looks brighter than ever.
The workforce as a whole is aging, and by the year 2010, half of the workforce will be 45 to 55 years old. With a law that passed in April 2002, workers over 65 have incentive to pound the pavement because social security benefits will no longer be affected. So look out young'uns, your competition is here and looking good.
Will you be turned down for jobs because of your age? Possibly. Age discrimination is illegal, but it is still out there. Keep in mind that many employers prefer older workers because of experience, maturity, leadership skills, and positive work ethic. If you are able to sell potential employers on the value that you bring to the table, your job search will be a success.
Preparing a resume that emphasizes your value and de-emphasizes your age is a good first step. Here are eight ways to age-proof your resume:
1. Don't provide your complete work history: This is the number one mistake job seekers make. If it's before 1985, employers probably don't care. Hiring managers are most interested in what you did recently, so concentrate on your recent career. If you feel compelled to delve into earlier experiences, create a section called "Early Career" and provide just the highlights and no dates.
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